Monday, 31 July 2017

TTIH #5 How a storm sets in.

The day, it starts blue. I have never seen the sky as blue as it was today at 8 am.
Contrary to the colour of the sky, feeling-wise, the day starts on a cheerful musical note. Blasting from my phone speaker is happy music, while I'm making my self a cup of a tea. 
I remember how just last night I was getting worried about myself, about how I get ready way too fast and sit along for way too long. I realise I'm not worrying right now and feel proud of myself. The next minute, I slowly feel myself sinking into my blanket, still formally clothed while copy pasting a sick leave note to my boss on text and promising to make up on lost time next week. 
I close and open my eyes a few times, and it's suddenly mid day. I smell rain in the air that surrounds me. The soil surrounding my home is moist and as I think this thought I remember how many people hate that word. I don't. I don't see anything wrong with the word, really. 
I get out of bed and slowly walk to my balcony, slow enough that now it's 5:34 pm and the sky is purple. I open the window and something flies into my eye and stings and itches. There's a dust storm whirling up and as I hurry to shut my window, I see the blue tarpaulin cover of a street vendor's stall set loose from it's poles and dancing in the rain like a peacock. I realise I have no peacocks in my vicinity. The day rolls by and I say hello to the midnight blue that takes over as host to the moon and stars tonight. 

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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