Saturday, 27 May 2017

View #2 The attention seeking lizard

Rishikesh, India
June 2016
Camera: Panasonic Lumia FZ1000

Walking back to my hotel after visiting the Ram Jhula (it started raining while I was on the bridge), the gate of the hotel opens into a mini-garden of sorts. While waiting for my parents to get the room key from the reception, I was shooting the plants above this reptile for my "travelog". It's like it wanted my attention, because after a while of slow fidgeting, it suddenly jumped and latched onto my camera bag.
I, obviously, slipped due to surprise and got mud all over my legs....

But almost instantly, like in reverse, it assumed it's earlier position on the cement slab and knew it had gotten my attention. And I pressed the shutter down like crazy.
I missed an opportunity to click a really unique coloured lizard about five minutes after clicking this picture because that particular one didn't seem to like lenses, and practically skittled away as fast as possible.

I had to crop the photograph to get a broken piece of pavement out of the way. The white balance was increased and the exposure decreased before taking the photo to reduce post processing work.

A memory: my camera bag has a slit on it's cover at the spot where the lizard's claw cut through.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand