Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Serious #17 Pain.

I clench my teeth,
my jaw is tight: the visible nerves beside by eyes are throbbing.
my hands are on my head,
my head itself is between my knees.
I'm on the floor and
my breath is sharp;
my breath is practically non-existent.
I try to yell,
barely muster a whisper,
my eyes are shut tight and my sockets seem to engulf my eyelashes.

I see the darkness.
it's different:
it's not just black, it's eternal and never ending
It's scary,

It's painful.

One hand is still on my head,
the other on my collarbone.
It goes up to my neck and crawls up my face
to remove the drops of salt water that have now settled around my mountainous nose.

My head feels light now.
I slink further to the floor, lying down with both hands around my body.
and frightened. 

My jaw is slowly released,
my hands form a pillow for my head:
and one last tear falls to the white marble below me as I finally breathe a full breath.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand 

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