Monday, 17 October 2016

Spoken Word #3 I can say no, you know?

You expect me to feel exclusive, 
but also expect me to be available,
when you do that winking thing with the telephonic gesture with your 
pinky and thumb,
 sticking out of your closed palm, 
like you'd expect my phone to light up when you call it.

Except you won't. 

Because you don't realise that I've probably given you a wrong number.

All you see is that I'm alone: 
I'm not with a guy who looks like my boyfriend. 
I'm not with a girl who seems like my girlfriend.  
You don't accept that I'm not interested. 
Except you don't accept that even if I'm single,
 I can be ready to not mingle.
Except you don't accept that I have a choice in who I talk to,
except that you don't accept that you're not on that list. 
Except that you see my eye-roll as an invitation
 of playing hard to get, and not exasperation.

Except that you don't accept that you're wrong, 
and that I have the right over my body,
and that I have expression.
I have the ability to say no,
and have assertiveness,
and sternness,
and can pack you a punch with just my words; 
They're are enough to keep me going 
because the others will hear me saying,
And they'll look at you and force you to walk your walk of shame.


Until one day you miscalculate;
You think you're the one humiliated.
You think its time to seek revenge.
So you think stupid thoughts and
you do stupid things:
You buy a bottle of acid,
and attempt to throw it at my face.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

The city is a weird place.

Thousands of people, whichever gender they may be, are on a daily basis forced into relationships and marriage due to this blackmailing exercise. 

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