Monday, 3 October 2016

Spoken Word #2 Self Labelled Feminist

Words of Caution: The term "Lady's man" has various spellings and meanings, here being used in the negative sense that the world does subject men, who are prone to female (or male) attention, to. Through this poem, I in no means attempt to sabotage the view on women, or say that all humans who wear make up wear it for other people's attention. There are lots of people who apply make up because it makes them happy, or they it as art. You people, rock. But this poem is specifically about girls/women who attempt to wear makeup to gather the attention of the "Lady's man".
Hope you enjoy.

My question, is to Mr. Lady's man;
Yes sir, you, the one sitting between the girls'
in black and white from left to right,

Tell me, Mr. Lady's man,
Do you feel comfortable where you're sitting?
Are you sure?
Oh yes, of course you're comfortable;
You're sitting next to your "fans".

Now, Mr. Lady's man,
be a gentle soul,
Ask the girls' around you whether
THEY are comfortable.

Oh behold the truth! How can they be? 
Considering they got expensive, fake, spray tanned legs,
to catch the eye of what they call you;
you, the lady's man.

So now, Mr. Lady's man,
being the self labelled feminist that you are,
do your duty,
sit them down, 
(But don't be gross, sit them down decently,
not like food on a five star restaurant plate).

Sit them down and tell them that you love the colour of their eyes,
not the flaky mascara around it;
That you love their curly hair peeping 
out of the blow-dry ever so subtly 
and that you love that black spot on this one's face, 
the same exact one 
she tried so hard, but failed, to cover well.

Because let me tell you, Mr. Lady's man, you MAY not like make up on our faces,
but you certainly don't complain 
when you get your way
as we wear our flaky mascara 
to catch the eye of what they call you;
the lady's man.

- For being so done with societal norms

P.S My blog's 2nd birthday is on the 18th of October, and it would be fantastic if you could share the link to my work to your friends, family and colleagues.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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