Monday, 30 May 2016

Serious #5 Taken (ii)

It was a hot summer night,
and well, the city never sleeps.
I was walking back after dropping my friend off at the lane gate,
when my life took a turn too steep.

The street light was off,
- "gosh, can't the government do anything right?"
when I felt something graze my arm;
My hair was pulled,
and I saw a light, a bit too bright. 

I remember it all so vividly,
as though it all happened just yesterday;
A dirty, smelly cloth covered my face,
and I was pushed onto a tray.

Hands on me, hands to myself,
didn't know what was taking place.
Tried to scream, could barely sob, resigned; 
all I knew was that I wasn't going to a palace.

They were all very quiet, didn't say a single word.
"Experienced" - executed this a hundred times,
had planned this out years ago,
but what they didn't understand was, that I was still in my prime! 

The strange part was that they took me to house,
that looked much like my own.
Made me a servant to those, 
who resembled from whom I was born;

But it was never the same again,
And now at 22, the tears roll down perpetually,
and I don't even feel them,
on my rosy wounded cheeks.

The poem, about human trafficking in an urban setting, is part 2 of the Serious #5 Taken (i) which talks about trafficking in a rural setting. Human Trafficking is a serious issue, not just in India, but in many countries across the globe; not just involving girls and women, but boys and men too. Instead of being given an opportunity to go to school, make a living, live their lives independently, children as small as 3 years are kidnapped and taken to work, illegally, in factories, households, or restaurants, with below minimum wages. 

Is this what humans deserve?


                                                              - Ragini Zutshi Anand

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