Friday, 1 April 2016

Serious #14 Nightmares of Anxiety.

"The grass is not green, 
the trees a shade of orange,
the birds roared ma, they roared! 
and the lion was killed." 
She rattles her nightmares to her mother, while stammering along the way.

Basically, "Don't worry, read for a bit and go to sleep.
I'm getting you some water, drink up, and don't stay up too late
- you've got school tomorrow." 
is all that she said.

"But ma," said she, the knowledge child ,
"what if this dream has some deeper meani-"
"What nonsense, you're just 14, you're a paranoid kid, it'll be fine"

"a phase", that's what the relatives called it.

"The grass is dark
the trees a shade of red,
the birds roar, still 
and the king suffers a a hit." 
She narrates her nightmares to her friend a year or so later,
a friend she trusts, a friend she adores.

Basically, "You're crazy dude, and stop eating sugar before sleeping!"
is all that he said
Cutting me and my worried expression off, continued, 
"Show me your math homework, will you, didn't do it yesterday."

"The grass is purple,
the trees a shade of fire,
the birds roar sharply 
and the king suffers a bondage." 
She narrates her nightmares to the psychologist in a breath,

Basically, "don't be hyper before going to bed,
this is what your dreams will consist of otherwise.
Don't be stressed, you're just 16, eat healthy."
is all that he said.

The poem is about anxiety, a girl suffering from it and no one truly understanding her situation. She having to deal with it for years together before going to a psychologist, the same dream being repeated and the details getting stronger in her head can be seen.
My poem, written in five minutes right now, please do spread awareness regarding the much looked down upon issue :)

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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