Friday, 22 April 2016

Guest Post #3 Alex K. Shaw

Alex blogs here :)
This is a poem he wrote specially for his guest post on my blog, and I really hope you like it and give it, and him and the support he deserves. :D


Life spring

You call second-class,
The one who gave you life.
You fail to honor,
Who you wish as your wife.

You trample on soil,
That nourishes your soul.
You defile the stream,
From which blood and breathe flow.

You debase as whore,
Who gave birth to a king.
Belittle as slave,
Who you bestow a ring.

I am the wellspring,
From which all waters rise.
I am the ocean,
That all rivers comprise.

The face that you see,
When you gaze the mirror,
Is not of your own,
Yet my precious glimmer.

Were it not for I,
Then from whence do you come?
If not for my heart,
Just how then could you love?

Two reflections bound -
Yet one sight to behold.
Two conversations -
Still one tale to be told.

Apart, this house falls.
Yet together we stand.
Alone, we crumble.
But as one we command.

I am the jewel,
That glitters in the sky.
I am the treasure,
For which even stars sigh.

I am morning's sun,
That brings dawn to your world.
I am what you need,
A woman and a girl.

- Alex K. Shaw

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