Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mysterious #7 "The Whole" Theory

We got together,
day and night,
to make ourselves balanced.

You were cold,
negative all the time;
But I let it go, 
Said, "no matter".

Because I was the warm one,
the happy child, 
the one who made You calm.

'Cause I was Yin,
and You were my Yang,
and we had no place else to go.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Friday, 22 April 2016

Guest Post #3 Alex K. Shaw

Alex blogs here :)
This is a poem he wrote specially for his guest post on my blog, and I really hope you like it and give it, and him and the support he deserves. :D


Life spring

You call second-class,
The one who gave you life.
You fail to honor,
Who you wish as your wife.

You trample on soil,
That nourishes your soul.
You defile the stream,
From which blood and breathe flow.

You debase as whore,
Who gave birth to a king.
Belittle as slave,
Who you bestow a ring.

I am the wellspring,
From which all waters rise.
I am the ocean,
That all rivers comprise.

The face that you see,
When you gaze the mirror,
Is not of your own,
Yet my precious glimmer.

Were it not for I,
Then from whence do you come?
If not for my heart,
Just how then could you love?

Two reflections bound -
Yet one sight to behold.
Two conversations -
Still one tale to be told.

Apart, this house falls.
Yet together we stand.
Alone, we crumble.
But as one we command.

I am the jewel,
That glitters in the sky.
I am the treasure,
For which even stars sigh.

I am morning's sun,
That brings dawn to your world.
I am what you need,
A woman and a girl.

- Alex K. Shaw

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Being Both.

This drawing of mine shows multiple things. I'll list them down below, but I'd like to steer the readers thought process to a particular direction. 

  • It shows that the Sun and the Moon are omnipresent; they don't go anywhere, it's just that we see them at different times, and for us earthly beings, it's not possible to see them both at the same time. Here, "Bi" can be understood as "Bye", where the sun/moon says bye to us.

  • It reflects on the art of being Both. On the art of being Bi - sexual. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's bad. Alexander the Great, Francis Bacon and Oscar Wilde were Bi. Just saying.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Thoughts of Imaginary Humans - TTIH #1

"Somehow, surprisingly I like being in this miserable state. 
People might think of me as desperate or cracked in the head but...Just the FEELING of looking forward to seeing her face in school. Just seeing. Not doing anything. Not saying hi. Not waving. Just seeing her smile. 
It lights up my world. Just makes me happy. 
And I cant get over it anytime soon." 

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Friday, 1 April 2016

Serious #14 Nightmares of Anxiety.

"The grass is not green, 
the trees a shade of orange,
the birds roared ma, they roared! 
and the lion was killed." 
She rattles her nightmares to her mother, while stammering along the way.

Basically, "Don't worry, read for a bit and go to sleep.
I'm getting you some water, drink up, and don't stay up too late
- you've got school tomorrow." 
is all that she said.

"But ma," said she, the knowledge child ,
"what if this dream has some deeper meani-"
"What nonsense, you're just 14, you're a paranoid kid, it'll be fine"

"a phase", that's what the relatives called it.

"The grass is dark
the trees a shade of red,
the birds roar, still 
and the king suffers a a hit." 
She narrates her nightmares to her friend a year or so later,
a friend she trusts, a friend she adores.

Basically, "You're crazy dude, and stop eating sugar before sleeping!"
is all that he said
Cutting me and my worried expression off, continued, 
"Show me your math homework, will you, didn't do it yesterday."

"The grass is purple,
the trees a shade of fire,
the birds roar sharply 
and the king suffers a bondage." 
She narrates her nightmares to the psychologist in a breath,

Basically, "don't be hyper before going to bed,
this is what your dreams will consist of otherwise.
Don't be stressed, you're just 16, eat healthy."
is all that he said.

The poem is about anxiety, a girl suffering from it and no one truly understanding her situation. She having to deal with it for years together before going to a psychologist, the same dream being repeated and the details getting stronger in her head can be seen.
My poem, written in five minutes right now, please do spread awareness regarding the much looked down upon issue :)

- Ragini Zutshi Anand