Monday, 15 February 2016

Serious #12 - Poopy and Discrimination

Yes. I'm doing this.
Do me a favour and mentally answer the following questions in Yes or No:
1. Do you get disgusted when someone talks about Poop in a general conversation?
2. Do you feel it's uncivilised to talk about poop in ANY conversation?

If yes, answer this mentally, as long an explanation you need:
 :) It's because we've been brought up that way, and have been told since the time we were kids, that poop (even pee for that matter) is a bad thing.

Why it is this way is beyond me.

No, I do not advocate picking up poop and playing with it, or eating it (as this is a defence for loads of people, "If you love it so much, why don't you take out of the pot / toilet and eat it blah blah blah?!") You want to play with poop, get brown coloured play-doh, leave it out of the box so that it semi hardens and there you have it!

Now the above statement would have probably made you cringe, make a face, or maybe even stop reading this post. Those of you who've stuck around, thanks, I like you.

People seem to think I've recently developed an obsession with poop, more so the poopy emoji. But that's not actually the case! I've just recently started to defend poop and it's feelings via the poopy emoji, which allows me to express the fact that poop can be nice too (since it's smiling)! I recently got an amazingly soft poopy emoji pillow, which further helps me advocate the fact that poop isn't all that bad. You're legit a producer of poop yourself, so learn to be okay with it, instead of being like, "Ewwww, who poops anymore, oh I don't poop anymore!"

Not. Cool. You're disrespecting your body if you do so.

Plus, I did some research, and poop actually does have loads of advantages! Also, I mean come on, are you trying to say that when you're constipated you're a happy human? Because if you trying to say that you are, you're lying. Pooping also helps increase blood flow to the brain, apparently.


- Ragini Zutshi Anand 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mysterious #5 - It's dark because I'm dark

You know why the night is dark?
Why it's hollow and gloomy?
 It's dark because I'm dark,
It's because I'm everywhere.
Lurking here and there,
in the neighbouring park.

I'm the colour that people wear
to mourn,
or well, to look thin.

I'm associated with evil,
and apparently orange is the new me.
But honestly, I'm so cool,
I've featured in a movie.

Can you guess who I am?






I am,

- Ragini Zutshi Anand