Thursday, 14 January 2016

Serious #11 Words for True Identity

It used to be our laughter that made me cry,
not the pain;
Your silly attempts at making me smile,
would always crack me a up a little bit.

Now you're gone, 
taking the fresh air along;
Being alone is okay with me,
but the loneliness tears me apart.

Things were different before,
when I hadn't told about my true self,
at least your eyes weren't full of hatred,
and your face not disgusted.

You're making me feel as though I've betrayed you,
you're behaving all different, that's all;
But as a friend you should be happy,
that I'm being who I actually am, and not hiding behind some veil.

A veil of fake emotions 
is what was protecting me all this while,
from people like them, from people like you
who wouldn't accept me the way I actually am.

Now you're gone, 
taking the fresh air along;
Being alone is okay with me,
but the loneliness tears me apart.

This is a poem I literally just wrote in two minutes. It can be perceived in many ways, but I'd like to steer it in the direction of a man who's friend has stopped talking to him because he admitted to being gay. Something I don't understand is why there is discrimination in this world. Let's narrow it down to discrimination on the basis of sexuality or self-identity. Why is it so hard for us not only as individuals, but also as a nation, to accept these differences? Why can't we just live with it by accepting the fact that there are different category of people on our planet, instead of dismissing them like they're not human. Just because this idea had evolved recently and is comparatively newer than the very conventional two genders or types of sexuality, doesn't mean it's wrong. Ever heard of evolution? This may just be another form of it. Just like we have different types of bees, fish, dogs and other animals, why can't we, for the sake of humanity, drop our "I'm the king/queen of the animal kingdom" ego and categorise ourselves into different types of humans? 

To be very, very honest, if a Eunuch lands up at my house asking for money, I'd be startled too. But what other choice do they have? It's our society itself that doesn't accept them, or provide them with jobs to enable them to be independent. The human race would honestly be a lot happier if everyone just accepted each other the way they are.

Thanks a ton for reading, comment down below with your views on the topic, please do share the post; it is a very important topic, and must be dealt with!

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R.I.P Alan Rickman, the man behind Severus Snape :(

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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