Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pravah Photographs

Pravah, a Non Profit Organisation, aims to sensitise urban teenagers to life in the remote areas of India. In collaboration with my school, this organisation has been taking students of grade 11 to various villages in batches of 60 students for many years. 
My group was taken to Una, a district in Himachal Pradesh, after reaching which, we were divided into 3 smaller groups to go to smaller villages. I and 19 others were taken to Amroh, a mere 4 km distance from Una. We lived in the local school there, and experienced activities which we would have never gotten the chance of doing in Delhi. 
Here is my experience, through photographs. Due to privacy related reasons, I can't put up all the photographs, as the villagers were not comfortable with the idea of their faces being on the Internet.
Visit my website and scroll down for the gallery: 

By the way, quick update, I now have a bruised and wounded right knee and torn ligament in the left ankle... I fell down and twisted my ankle :(

- Ragini Zutshi Anand
all images are mine, please do not steal.

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