Friday, 11 September 2015

LIFE STORIES #12: Please Don't Say Goodbye.

*It was 5 PM*

"Text me when you've reached. Call, actually."

"I will"

"No you won't, you ALWAYS forget!, --"

"I won't Steve, I promi--"

"No, you set a reminder right now."

"OKAY OKAY, JESUS.... c-a-l-l  s-t-e-v-e. Happy?"

"Yup, go. The flight's boarding."

*They said their byes, and she strolled away, strolling her suitcase behind her.*
*It's 11 am*
*He texts her, no reply.*

"Typical" he mutters, and switches on the TV.

The news channel pops up.
Breaking News: Plane crash.

A bathed-in-makeup journalist speaks in a fake American accent, "A few suitcases and handbags recovered, families being informed. All 92 passengers on board, including crew, dead."

That's when his phone rings.

Rest of the story is up to you, you know why, because life's what you make it and life can be tragic sometimes, and fun sometimes. Comment down below if you guys actually want me to finish up the story for you, or if you like this way of making your own ending :)

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- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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