Wednesday, 30 September 2015


In this world full of different kinds of people, there are ambitious people and then there are people with ambitions but are lazy. In this same world, “hard work is the key to success” is a very well known statement, and often also frowned upon by school going children like me. But when the time comes, we realise that the statement is very relevant in our day to day life.

Parents, teachers, as well as other well wishers guide a child to be hard working. Although a bit of luck never hurts anyone, hard work can make up for lucks’ lack in quantity.

In fact, if luck was to be considered as a major factor that leads up to success, everyone would just end up not working at all – waiting for their luck to shine up and to hit a pot of gold without doing anything, without exerting themselves and working hard!

Fortunately, this didn’t happen.

People like the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison literally changed the world because of their hard work. If they hadn’t worked hard, worked day in and day out, our lives without air transport and bulbs would have been very different.

Yes, things like whether we are ambidextrous or not are not in our hands, but a lot of how we lead our lives is.

I would like to conclude by saying that a person gets greater satisfaction when she/he completes a task on their own, by working hard. That feeling of satisfaction is what makes us strive for more and thus, achieve a lot more than what we ever would have by being lazy.

Thank you.
 Ragini Zutshi Anand



Saturday, 26 September 2015

Some Updates

Well, hello!
I know that my previous post was an update too, and it spoke about how I'm going for a trip to a village in Himachal Pradesh and also how I'll give more details when I'm back.

The thing is, the trip and the overall experience was just way too overwhelming and personal for me to share, and if I do start to share even a single aspect, I'll have to give you a thesis of a background story.

All I can say is that the trip was amazing, I'm now friends with people who I never imagined I could be, I caught up with many others, and learnt a lot. Even though I live in Delhi, and trust me when I say Delhi can make you very independent, this trip has helped me become a lot more independent and realise certain things about society.
I can now proudly say that I can live in any part of the world, sleep on a 1.5 inch mattress (which is a lot compared to what villagers actually use), not have a bath for 5 days and still survive and take care of myself and my limited belongings.

I'm sorry because many of you have been asking me for updates on the trip, but I just can't, there were just too many late night conversations under the milky way (which was stunning by the way) and a bit too much was shared. I cannot break that trust. I didn't expect the trip to be so "intense".

The pictures though, will be up soon at

Thanks for reading!

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Some Updates

So, I'm going 5 day school trip.
To a remote village in Himachal Pradesh.
(I'll give the details once I come back)

19th to the 23rd of September.
We're only allowed to have a bath on the last day, due to limited water resources there.
We are not allowed to carry deodorants or anything that might set us apart from the villagers, as we have to blend in (it's a rural sensitisation trip).

60 kids, plus teachers, together, stinky.

BUT, I'm really looking forward to the trip and interacting with locals over there.

You guys will have to remind me to write something on the trip just by the way...
And yes I am carrying my camera, even though there is limited electricity there too, so hopefully the photographs will be up soon on

Thanks for reading, this is just an update, if you want to read better things please click here or here :)

See you soon :)

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Friday, 11 September 2015

LIFE STORIES #12: Please Don't Say Goodbye.

*It was 5 PM*

"Text me when you've reached. Call, actually."

"I will"

"No you won't, you ALWAYS forget!, --"

"I won't Steve, I promi--"

"No, you set a reminder right now."

"OKAY OKAY, JESUS.... c-a-l-l  s-t-e-v-e. Happy?"

"Yup, go. The flight's boarding."

*They said their byes, and she strolled away, strolling her suitcase behind her.*
*It's 11 am*
*He texts her, no reply.*

"Typical" he mutters, and switches on the TV.

The news channel pops up.
Breaking News: Plane crash.

A bathed-in-makeup journalist speaks in a fake American accent, "A few suitcases and handbags recovered, families being informed. All 92 passengers on board, including crew, dead."

That's when his phone rings.

Rest of the story is up to you, you know why, because life's what you make it and life can be tragic sometimes, and fun sometimes. Comment down below if you guys actually want me to finish up the story for you, or if you like this way of making your own ending :)

Please do take a look at some of my other work since this isn't the best :)
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The other "Life Stories" parts :)

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Just Be.

Sometimes, when I lie back 
and my head is falling into the pillow,
I think;

How different our world would be,
if only we would Be.
Mind our own business,
and not annoy the side door neighbours.
Oh how I wish, we would just Be!

How different our world could be ,
if only we could be,

People could live,
communities could survive;
You could grow,
and maybe so could I.

How different our world could be,
if only we could be,
Just the same people.

Not two faced,
not hypocrites.
Let us be,
Just you and me.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Her Window.

She stood by the window pane,
while water poured from the heavens above,
trying to catch droplets of water on her tongue;
She was just seven,
a mere dove.

She smiled by the same window,
after topping her first test;
and cried while sitting next to it,
when she couldn't give her best.

She had her first cigarette by that very window,
flicked the ashes off the pane;
swore never to try it again,
nor to drag her lungs through that pain.

She had her first beer, 
by that very window,
and also announced to her husband,
that she was going to have a kiddo!

The window gave her support,
it made her look outside.
It was transparent for her,
like a friend by her side.

Even now when she walks,
with wobbly knees and a stick,
she sits on a cozy green chair,
by the same window;
even when she's sick.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand