Sunday, 2 August 2015


His dream was to become a singer,
but at the moment he's stuck at a bank.
And hers was to be a pilot,
and soar quickly through the ranks.

Her dream was to help people,
wanted to do medical,
but her in-laws soon told her to stop working,
said, "Please be a bit radical."

His dream was to cycle,
race along the highest peaks,
but right now he is at a ruin-of an ancestral home,
fixing some major leaks.

So basically he became a banker,
and she didn't become a pilot.
She resigned to the post of a housewife,
and he became a plumber.

Don't let the greed for money stand in your way,
nor the hungry-for-kids in-laws,
go and set the world right,
go break down the walls.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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