Tuesday, 30 June 2015

SERIOUS PART 4: Once upon a Time.

It's long but hopefully worth the read!

So once I met a really strange girl,
she was sitting alone in the park,
laughing like crazy, with teeth like pearl,
she sat there till it was dark.

According to the watchman,
she came for a week after that,
sitting in the same place,
laughing like crazy, with eyes like a cat.

Rode on a cycle,
sat down and laughed.
And left, on her pink and yellow cycle, 
she seemed rather daft.

And one fine day,
she came on her cycle,
sat down,
and cried.

She howled as if she had never
done this before,
eyeliner running down her cheeks,
anger driving through her core.

She came to me,
and I offered her a tissue,
she took it and threw it away,
I had no idea what it was - the issue!

She mumbled a rant,
and saw my confused expressions,
so she tried to stop crying,
as she realised she wasn't setting a good impression.

She sat in a duck position,
and told me her story,

"It was nice and cute before,
but soon turned into a story quite sorry."

Basically she was married,
and had a daughter too,
the kid was 18 months old,
and she just 25.

Her husband was beating her,
and was a drunkard,
she bled several times
and slept in the backyard.

The beating started after the daughter,
"I wanted a son!" said the man!
Immediately started beating her,
with utensils, including a pan.

The girl ran away from the 'man',
and with no money,
left her daughter at an orphanage's door step,
with her favourite bunny.

Quickly got a job,
and friends there sympathised,
but told her to 'move on', not helping,
'laugh', they prescribed!

That's why she started
coming alone to the park,
forcing herself to laugh like crazy,
and leave well after dark.

I advised her to go to the police,
also to get her daughter back,
and definitely divorce her 'husband'
and dump him in a sack!

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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