Tuesday, 2 June 2015


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So I recently came across this extremely well written, thought provoking and brilliantly framed article by Seema Goswami, who has written exactly what many of us don't know how to express. As usual, her article in the Brunch made me think a lot and also informed me about what happened at the famous Cannes Film Festival this year. I was completely unaware of this incident, and now knowing about it disgusts me to boundaries unimaginable. 

I don't honestly feel that a woman wearing 5 inch long (or longer) heels is any different than a woman who is NOT wearing heels, which shows that she is perfectly comfortable with her height and rather than have sore feet the next day, would rather enjoy herself at the amazing festival. Neither does it degrade her beauty, her looks, nor does it make her look un-flattering to the eyes. Who apart from fashion critics even cares about what shoes a woman wears to the "red-carpet"! Being with-held from walking towards an internationally acclaimed festival, and the reason being that a woman is not wearing HEELS, is horrible and the organisers and not the woman should be embarrassed. But just like Seema Goswami, I too was baffled when I realised that only one woman (Emily Blunt) actually lashed out at the organisers, whereas all the other female celebrities walked their hoity-toity walk in their beyond uncomfortable heels. What kind of an example are they setting for their fans, their followers who believe diligently in everything the persona does, and copies it and treats it like religion! 

For people like me, who someday aspire to be at the Cannes Film Festival to be recognised, but who also absolutely hate wearing heels, this is may be a problem. I would rather go in my converse or my lovely dragon claw shaped home slipper and make a style statement, instead of trotting at 3 cm per minute in those damned heels. 

Who even invented heels? Because that person , if not hated already, should be sent in for trial for filling up young females heads with thoughts of how they should be taller to be prettier and to be recognised, and also give them an inferiority complex. 

I can proudly say that I am, and am associated with many like me, who don't come into that category.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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