Sunday, 14 June 2015



Anne looked outside, and almost as if on cue, heard a twig snap. Then she saw a girl with rudely cut blonde hair, limping. She looked...tatterdemalion. 
That girl saw Anne and motioned her to come open her door.

That girl had been attacked, brutally, and fumbled towards Anne's main door.
It seemed as though the girl didn't want to ring the doorbell, as though she was scared it would alert the entire neighbourhood.

So Anne quickly put on her robes and pretty much tumbled down to her door.

Only after opening the door, letting the girl in and fetching her a tumbler of water did Anne take in the "state" in which the girl was.

The girl introduced herself midst sobs as Susan, and Susan's extremely dirty and muddy hands were clutching Anne's recently dry-cleaned sofa as if the world was spinning. Setting the tumbler down after gulping the water down, Susan quickly in one breath tried to explain how she was looking for something to eat in the neighbourhood garbage block, but stopped suddenly and turned pale. She screamed and kicked up her feet simultaneous, causing the tumbler to crash to the floor.

Susan pointed at the blotched, netted window next to the door, and there stood very proudly,
her attacker. 

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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