Sunday, 14 June 2015


Anne was awakened by an ear-piercing scream. It was way past midnight, probably closer to 2 AM. 

She didn't want to get out of bed, but curiosity got the better of her. The curiosity killed the sleep in this case, and so she sat up, groggily slipped the blanket off her night-suit clad body and walked towards the sole window in her room.

As always, the street light was off, darkness engulfing the street. 
She switched on the lamp closest to the window, suddenly flooding the street with a strong yellow light. She was only on the first floor, built upon a very short-in-height ground floor. More like a mini duplex.

After a few seconds of staring at the melancholic street, Anne thought of putting out the light, because her imagination was running wild, in the direction of how the "criminal" (if there was one) outside could probably see her very clearly right now. But as soon as she started towards the switch, she spotted some faint movement outside, and then a sudden gasp.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

stay tuned to read the next part!

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