Saturday, 9 May 2015

For Her.

Thank you for not actually giving a shit about Mother's day, Mom. And for teaching me that everyday is Mother's day, and not just a Sunday in May when Archie's comes out with a full page advertisement showcasing all the big teddies and mugs I can get for you to express my love. 
Truth be told, a mug can't contain it all. 
And thank you for everything else too. 

You're my support,
my anchor.
You're my mother.

You've been here through everything,
my pain,
my loss,
my happiness,
and will be here through everything,
my success,
my lessons.

You were once a little girl,
and have gone through a lot of what I have,
that's what you tell me,
to show me that you understand.

So I just want to take this opportunity,
to thank you, 
for being there in the past,
for being here now
and in advance for the future.

Happy Mothers' Day!

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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