Thursday, 12 February 2015


She stood there alone, her legs were hurting. More like burning actually. She continued to walk after a break of a minute. She walked and walked. She had walked for hours, and planned to walk more. She had no idea of what to do. So instead of sitting idle, get bogged down by what happened, she wanted to distract herself. 

And so she walked. Walked on roads, in fields, on grass, on rocks, on streams, and then back the winding path, back to a place she once called home.
Her neighbours saw her get up every morning, at the same time and were surprised (now for a full 7 days in a row) to see her not getting into her Cadillac. Instead, opening the front gates, wearing comfortable looking clothes and just a camera in hand. Returned late at night, people aware of her return only due to the slight creaking caused by her gate when opened and closed.

Neither her guards, nor her help knew where she went alone. Just said that every night when asked whether she wants food, they’re told that she has eaten. What, where? No one knows.

The distant walked by her is increasing every day, and she doesn't want the path to end.

She likes the slight breeze on her face, under the scorching sun. 
Even the sweaty, drenched hair tied up in a bun, 
likes the rain and the sound of it against the window pane, but prefers the sound produced by the waves on the beach.

She just doesn't want to be alone anymore, and she finds a friend in nature.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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