Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Getting into bed,
Reading for a while,
Not feeling too well,

Tomorrow will be different,
I know it will,
Different turn of events,
New people to meet,

The day after will be different too,
I know it will,
More to learn,
More obsessions,
More addictions,
The day after.

And this way our life will go on, with each day being different.
Just give it a chance,
Don’t be so harsh on yourself,
And last but not the least,

Let go.

Don’t let go of life,
But the so called “problems” in it.

Do what you love,
Love what you do,

And live your life the way you want to,
Not how every other person does.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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Thursday, 12 February 2015


She stood there alone, her legs were hurting. More like burning actually. She continued to walk after a break of a minute. She walked and walked. She had walked for hours, and planned to walk more. She had no idea of what to do. So instead of sitting idle, get bogged down by what happened, she wanted to distract herself. 

And so she walked. Walked on roads, in fields, on grass, on rocks, on streams, and then back the winding path, back to a place she once called home.
Her neighbours saw her get up every morning, at the same time and were surprised (now for a full 7 days in a row) to see her not getting into her Cadillac. Instead, opening the front gates, wearing comfortable looking clothes and just a camera in hand. Returned late at night, people aware of her return only due to the slight creaking caused by her gate when opened and closed.

Neither her guards, nor her help knew where she went alone. Just said that every night when asked whether she wants food, they’re told that she has eaten. What, where? No one knows.

The distant walked by her is increasing every day, and she doesn't want the path to end.

She likes the slight breeze on her face, under the scorching sun. 
Even the sweaty, drenched hair tied up in a bun, 
likes the rain and the sound of it against the window pane, but prefers the sound produced by the waves on the beach.

She just doesn't want to be alone anymore, and she finds a friend in nature.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Sunday, 1 February 2015



It’s a word known by almost every teenager and a LOT of adults living in the vicinity of wifi and a connectable device with a screen.

But, it’s not just a word; it’s way more than that.

Every day, millions and MILLIONS of people post a video or two. Sometimes they’re just for entertainment, even experimentation. But sometimes, there are actual motives behind it. A lot of “YouTubers” as they are called are trying to change the world. From LGBT rights, to fighting depression – Its all being covered on the forum our parents think is a “major waste of time and bandwidth”.

The YouTube community is more like a family, with all the subscribers of a channel connecting, networking, supporting and we can’t deny, even hating, together.

On the other hand, what the elderly generation also needs to understand is that we kids’ attain a lot of knowledge and information through videos too, and a lot of us prefer this way, instead of reading from dull and non-illustrated textbooks.

My subscription list is really long, but the top channels on it are:-

1. Connor Franta – He posts about anything and everything. From things he loves/hates, to expressing his love for coffee, and most recently the fact that he is gay. His vlogging channel (More Connor) is also a lot of fun to watch.
He portrays himself as a very positive person who sees the better half of things and,

2. Tyler Oakley – His Wikipedia says he is an “internet personality”, but for me and his six million, three hundred, fifty- nine thousand, nine hundred and twenty-four subscribers (as of 24th January 2015), he is still the fun loving, laughing, scared of spiders Tyler who has a jingle for his question and answer videos.

3. iiSuperwomanii – Superwoman aka Lily Singh has all my attention when she’s saying “Shemurr” with THAT expression on her face. All her fans will understand the THAT. AND HER VIDEOS WITH HUMBLE THE POET THOUGH. EVEN HIS OWN VIDEOS THOUGH. Okay I'm fangirling so bad right now.

4. ASAP Science – Here comes the education. This channel picks up random topics related to science and posts videos in a very eye-soothing manner, mixed with a great sense of humour.

5. Jacksgap – The channel was born due to Jack’s gap year, and hence the name. Posts AMAZING videos, documentaries, music videos with help from his identical twin, FINN.

6. Troye Sivan – The Australian youtuber sings, acts, writes, and makes extremely creative videos.

7. Danisnotonfire – He taught me the importance of llamas, and the song too.

8. Kanan gill – Man those pretentious movie reviews though.

9. AIB – go check out their channel, i insist.

10. Jus reign – The Indian references, though offensive to a few stuck up people, are damn funny.

11. Nigahiga – Brain waves through a lot of his videos, which makes them funnier and way more interesting than scripted videos.

Well, that’s the list, there are a lot more like Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler and Hannah Hart, lawhf, BeingIndian, etc. The thing with YouTube is that you get introduced to other channels through collaborations done by your subscribed channel.

So if there are any Youtubers that you watch from the list above, or any in general, comment down below!

UPDATE ON 23rd MARCH 2015: I recently found Casey Neistat's channel, and wow! It's a really good channel and can easily be in the top 5 of my list.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Will you?

He was a melodramatic guy-
Well, so was I.
We hit it off I think
Pretty soon, before I could blink.
Same interests, similar music,
We blended – a mixture of cake.
A bit sweet, a bit bitter,
It was the first time I was baking.
But it was a true friendship in the making.

I promised to myself –
“I’ll be there for him.”
But did he do the same for me?
So here I ask you, clear and upfront,
Did you do the same for me?
Or were our conversations just a game?

Let me just say,
That if I ever do reach fame,
I won’t forget you, I’ll stick to my word.
But will you do the same?
Or will you fly out like a bird,
And never look back at what I said?

At what I said, when I promised,
That we’ll get a house by the beach,
Maybe even an igloo to preach.
Go fishing like “real men”
Even after we get a degree.

Let me just say,
That if I ever do reach fame,
I will remain the same.

But, will you?

- Ragini Zutshi Anand