Monday, 1 December 2014

My Green Cupboard

Okay, so last year we were getting our house re-painted and blah blah blah, and I was asked to decide the colour for my room. Now, at that point of time, I was OBSSESSED with neon green. I don’t even know why, but I loved it. My slippers are actually neon green/lime green in colour and shaped like dragon claws (picture attached below). So as soon as the question popped up, I screamed neon green, and was answered back at with a blatant “no”, with no thought given to it, no questions asked.

An ordinary shade of blue, called “Mughal blue” was chosen and the colour was sprawled across the textured wall.
I still sulk about it at times, but I guess it’s okay. Getting back to the topic, my parents decided to let me have a touch of green in my room – my cupboard.

My cupboard looks like a boring old cupboard from the outside, plain brown with a bronze/golden handle, but when you open it the green hits you like a disco ball.
And I love it.

The week after the painting was done my friends came over, saw my room and the “Mughal blue” and said it was looking nice, asking why I made a face every time they said that. My mom walked in, heard them say that, went over to my cupboard, opened it, and literally say “ta-ta-da!”. 

My friends turned and squinted at the sight. It was so bright! My mom pointed at the colour and said, “she sulks because she wanted this on that wall.” And my friends gave me a look of utter disappointment and disgust.

So thats the story of my green cupboard, hope you liked it!

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