Monday, 22 December 2014

Hey Friend! PART 1

So this was kinda hard to write,
Try to understand my plight. 
But here goes anyway,
I don’t have much to give away.

Happy birthday! You're turning fifteen today,
One step closer to your hair turning grey. 
I mean this in no offence,
But birthdays are a sad thing to celebrate. 
But since it’s our social code of conduct,
I hereby present to you this product. 
I know it’s a sad one indeed,
But try, oh try to not to make it into such a big deal!
It’s just something off my mind,
That I’m penning down for your kind. 

So where do we start,
Oh where do we begin? 

I remember the first day you came to class
Walked in with such sass,
It wasn’t bad I must say,
Just not something saw every day.

Sat in the opposite corner of the room,
While most of the boys gave you the look of doom. 
Well of course they would you had crossed the line!
And sat on "their side". 

After your introduction,
I walked up to you. 
Said hello, then my name

You replied with a wide grin,
"Hey I’m  ___________ !"
I invited you to the "cool side" 
While doing the creepy smirk. 

We spoke for the next few days,
and then BAM!
the summer vacations hit. 
We didn’t talk,
We didn’t meet. 
But still on the first day of school, you said "hey".

Specs gone, you had contacts
You were complaining about them as a matter of fact. 
We chilled, we hung out and I got closer to you. 
Discovered the similarities,
and the differences too. 

Still a lot more to know,
A lot more to learn,
But trust me this is one thing I’m eager to learn. 
I’m writing this for you because I realise,
My sketch of you was not very nice. 

So here you go, hope you like it. 
Hope you enjoy and read this 50 years later all old and frail and choke up. 
Anyway happy birthday!

Love you loads 

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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