Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Selfish Giant

The selfish giant is a story by Oscar Wilde,
the theme is about a giant, innocent children and a special child.
The giant had a huge garden,
Where the children would come and play,
But the giant was so foolish,
He didn’t let them stay.

After seven snowy years,
He saw that spring was back, and then he saw the children playing in a pack.
He went over there,
To say sorry,
But the children were scared and worried.
A small child crying under the tree,
Nobody heard his cry of plea.
The giant picked him up,
And asked him, “what’s up?”
The giant could see fear in his eyes,
He hugged him hard,
The child hugged him back
And thus, forgave him for his crimes.

They parted ways,
Years passed, it was all became a haze.
The giant searched
He looked for his friend
And years later he saw him perched on a bench.

The child smiled
Said, “Let’s go for a walk,
You’ve done good deeds,

Now let heaven give an old man what he needs.”

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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