Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My parents, my heroes.

They are the ones, 
who picked me up when I fell,
Opened the door late at night 
when I rang the bell.

Although they would scream their lungs out,
Just to get me up and about,
To start my day,
Quarrel with my brother but eventually have my way,

They love me with all their heart and soul.

That’s why they are my heroes.

Huh! Superman and batman can all take a rest,
As they all seemed to have failed the test
– because my parents are the best!

You may agree or disagree
Trying to prove your parents better,
But I have to say,
“Did your mom knit you a sweater?”
When she didn’t know how to
Or “did your dad bake you a cake for your birthday?”
When he didn’t know how to.
“Has your dad been dropping you to school every morning without fail?
Even when he’s unwell?”
Never wanting to miss a moment with you, and never putting you in a situation to face the teachers for being late?
Or “does your mom always wait eagerly for you to arrive?
Only to break into a jive?”

Your answers may vary,

But mine wont – my parents are still the best.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand
Love you mom and dad!

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