Monday, 17 November 2014

Life stories: #1

The story starts in a decade old house in the middle of a suburb, an argument between the parents and a mildly troubled teenager was taking place:
"I'm LEAVING! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" said the irritated yet demanding girl. 

"The problem is." The mom sighed, looked down, her hair in a messy bun and eye make-up smudged. Slowly and steadily her shoulders started to shake. She was crying. 

The dad continued, "Ria the problem is, that we as parents, are..... concerned," there was a pause. "as to where you're going and with whom!" Her dad always remained calm and composed, no matter what Ria did. He knew she was a kid, and was bound to make mistakes. But what he overlooked was that she had already made enough, and this was time for change. She had to learn. 

"Papa, you're making a small issue into a very big deal. Just let me go!"

"No, and this is my final word." He got up to leave the room. 

Ria too got up to leave, but walking towards the main door, she screamed, "well, this is MY final word!" And just like that, she left, slamming the door behind her and taking all the fresh air with her.

Now, let’s reassess the situation. Ria the teenage daughter, wanted to go out with 2 other girls to a downtown pub. Being 17, she was a year short of the legal drinking age, but being a teenager with raging hormones, she wanted to break the rules too. 
Her parents gave her enough freedom, but it always seemed to fall short for her. 

So this is the story till now. 17 year old girl slammed the door on her parents face to go party.

Half way into the party, two bottles down. Her phone rang - an unknown number, the call that changed her life. 

It was from the police, asking her to come to her house as soon as possible. Tears started falling. First a drop, then another. And then a whole bucket. She started running, her friends behind her, screaming, asking what had happened. She wasn't being able to make a sound, barely even sob. So out of breath. 

Her parents had been killed. 

Going back to the phone call, the police concluded that there was an attempted robbery, parents obviously resisted, and the weapons used were a dagger for the mom and a gun for dad. Ruffle the dog was safe under the table. The neighbour had called the police when she heard loud screams, glass shattering and a blast. 

Home didn't seem like home anymore. It looked like a house, a building made of bricks and cement. But this house was different that others. Blood stains on the floor and walls, the parent’s lifeless bodies being taken away on a stretcher to the hospital, the police making calls, neighbours with the sympathetic faces
But it was now all a haze. All Ria remembered was that the last words she said to her parents were said in anger, used in an argument, and she would regret it throughout her life. 

She's now 26, living her life, though subdued. Seems to have learnt her lesson, Ria is responsibly independent, still having fun, missing her family but doing what she loves. 

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