Saturday, 18 October 2014


We used to talk all day long,
In school,
At home. 

                                 And suddenly, you got up and left,                                                                  
Don't know where,
Don't know how. 

Came back after a decade or so, 
Half of which I remember to be full of desperation, 
and half of it without it. 

I had gotten over you,
Over your apparent surprise. 
But still, after 10 full years,
You expect me to be looking for you from dusk till sunrise. 
And vice versa.

You saw me first, and stood there in the crowd,
I think, waiting for me to turn around. 

One of my friends who you hadn't met before,
(Well how would you have when you weren't around?)
Turned pale, then pointed. 
She look very astounded. 

I had told them about you,
And how you could be dead. 
I had told them about you,
And shown them the pictures that we had. 

They found you pretty,
They found us cute. 
But looking at you in real life,
Was probably too much for the group. 

And only I could say that I've seen your dark side. 

The concern and depression that they used to show, 
Asking whether you had replied to any of my texts, those texts that I sent you everyday- Hoping and praying I would receive a reply,
Was now gone replaced by sudden panic and distress. 

I turned to see what the excitement was all about,
And recognised you before laying eyes on you. 

But you had changed. 

Scar across your left cheek,
Your hair grown long,
I was trying to guess, "where HAVE you been for so long?". 

Wanted to move, wanted to run
But my feet were frozen, I was afraid they were stuck. 

You came closer, and I took you in again. 
You had had a complete personality change. 

Hair pulled back in a sexy bun,
Trotting around in heels, walking fast, as if you were running away again, but this time from the sun. 

Wearing black jeggings with a vibrant red top,
- Oh how I wish you would just stop.

Came and stood in front of me,
In those red heels.
You had these tribal earrings on
The ones I had worn to the prom. 

I had noticed they were missing since the day you were gone,
and assumed that you had taken them along. 
I guess i was right. 

Just as I was going to say hey
You grabbed me, hugged me and started to sway.

We stood there - crying
My friends still astounded. 

Thinking you were a ghost, they poked you, 
While I hugged you and choked you. 

I couldn't breathe, and neither could you. 
Was it the thinning atmosphere 
Or my feelings for you? 

Because you were literally my long lost sister!

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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