Thursday, 23 October 2014

Her birthday

"Dear lord" she said, while lying on her bed. 
"Why does this happen to me and not to any of my friends?"
She cried herself to sleep that night,
No phone call, no text. 
It was school that she had to go through next. 

And she made sure she didn't look sad. 
It was her birthday after all,
She didn't want to look bad. 
People in the corridors pat her back and wished her,
And she thought where these people were the night before. 
Had they all genuinely forgotten to wish her at twelve?
Or was it that they never really meant it?

She was sick and tired of these fake birthday wishes,
But didn't want to make a scene in front of all these bitches. 
So she smiled at every one of them,
And accepted the formality ridden handmade cards. 
Went home and read them all,
Uncovering each ones half heartedness as she did so. 

But she came across one,
That really shook her. 
Made her happy 
And sad altogether. 
It was from a class mate of hers,
Who she wasn’t that close to. 
But written inside were the truest lines she had come across,
Written about all her gain and loss. 

No sugar coated candy,
It was all the truth. 
With lines that showed her ruth. 
It wasn’t easy,
Reading till the end. 
She ended up writing a long message 
For which she did press send. 
It expressed her appreciation,
And love for the effort,
She was the only one she sent a thank you to. 

"Dear lord" she said, while lying on her bed. 
"I’m glad this happened to me and not to any of my friends."
She smiled herself to sleep this night,
Happy and content with life.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

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