Thursday, 30 October 2014

Her life.

She stood in her school corridor,
All alone. 
She stood in her school uniform,
All worn out. 

She had been wandering around throughout the day,
Sometimes here, 
Sometimes there. 

Bunked all her classes,
Didn’t speak to anyone. 
Missed all her work,
Didn’t ask anyone. 

To her,
It was all monotonous. 

Every day she would go to school,
Give her attendance 
Then go break the rule.

She was a good actor, 
She made us into fools 
Acting about how she wasn’t surrounded by a pool. 

By a pool of her own tears,
Consisting of sorrows and pains 
That she never really shared. 

What she didn’t realise was that we could see right through her act,
And that we would obviously react.

So that day we made a pact
To restore her happiness, make an impact.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Monday, 27 October 2014

Trying too hard.

You weren't supposed to reply back,
You weren't supposed to be nice,
You weren't supposed to come back into my life. 

I was trying to push you away,
And pushed away you were,
The thoughts of you bugged me,
Just the way you were. 

The way you dressed,
Handled a situation. 
The way you behaved,
Bullied a student. 

Your unruly hair,
With the beard too. 
Your baggy jeans,
With the empty torn pockets too. 

You would ruffle your hand through your hair, 
Thinking it was cool. 
Would push your hands down into your pockets, 
Trying so hard to be a dude.

But trust me my dear,
It couldn't be clearer,
You were trying to fit in,
Being normal
While I was being different,
Flying like an eagle.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Her birthday

"Dear lord" she said, while lying on her bed. 
"Why does this happen to me and not to any of my friends?"
She cried herself to sleep that night,
No phone call, no text. 
It was school that she had to go through next. 

And she made sure she didn't look sad. 
It was her birthday after all,
She didn't want to look bad. 
People in the corridors pat her back and wished her,
And she thought where these people were the night before. 
Had they all genuinely forgotten to wish her at twelve?
Or was it that they never really meant it?

She was sick and tired of these fake birthday wishes,
But didn't want to make a scene in front of all these bitches. 
So she smiled at every one of them,
And accepted the formality ridden handmade cards. 
Went home and read them all,
Uncovering each ones half heartedness as she did so. 

But she came across one,
That really shook her. 
Made her happy 
And sad altogether. 
It was from a class mate of hers,
Who she wasn’t that close to. 
But written inside were the truest lines she had come across,
Written about all her gain and loss. 

No sugar coated candy,
It was all the truth. 
With lines that showed her ruth. 
It wasn’t easy,
Reading till the end. 
She ended up writing a long message 
For which she did press send. 
It expressed her appreciation,
And love for the effort,
She was the only one she sent a thank you to. 

"Dear lord" she said, while lying on her bed. 
"I’m glad this happened to me and not to any of my friends."
She smiled herself to sleep this night,
Happy and content with life.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Monday, 20 October 2014


Someone out there, 
Waiting for you. 
Waiting to see your flare,
Waiting to hear your thunder. 

As if struck by lightning,
They want to be stunned. 
Want to see your beauty,
Your passion pumped. 

Your wings will spread once grown,
Once you have power over your own. 

Hard work is not all that it takes, 
Interest is needed to cultivate. 

Your feet will move to the rhythm,
Your hands will swing to the beat. 

Be a bit patient,

You'll get your treat.

- Ragini Zutshi Anand

Saturday, 18 October 2014


We used to talk all day long,
In school,
At home. 

                                 And suddenly, you got up and left,                                                                  
Don't know where,
Don't know how. 

Came back after a decade or so, 
Half of which I remember to be full of desperation, 
and half of it without it. 

I had gotten over you,
Over your apparent surprise. 
But still, after 10 full years,
You expect me to be looking for you from dusk till sunrise. 
And vice versa.

You saw me first, and stood there in the crowd,
I think, waiting for me to turn around. 

One of my friends who you hadn't met before,
(Well how would you have when you weren't around?)
Turned pale, then pointed. 
She look very astounded. 

I had told them about you,
And how you could be dead. 
I had told them about you,
And shown them the pictures that we had. 

They found you pretty,
They found us cute. 
But looking at you in real life,
Was probably too much for the group. 

And only I could say that I've seen your dark side. 

The concern and depression that they used to show, 
Asking whether you had replied to any of my texts, those texts that I sent you everyday- Hoping and praying I would receive a reply,
Was now gone replaced by sudden panic and distress. 

I turned to see what the excitement was all about,
And recognised you before laying eyes on you. 

But you had changed. 

Scar across your left cheek,
Your hair grown long,
I was trying to guess, "where HAVE you been for so long?". 

Wanted to move, wanted to run
But my feet were frozen, I was afraid they were stuck. 

You came closer, and I took you in again. 
You had had a complete personality change. 

Hair pulled back in a sexy bun,
Trotting around in heels, walking fast, as if you were running away again, but this time from the sun. 

Wearing black jeggings with a vibrant red top,
- Oh how I wish you would just stop.

Came and stood in front of me,
In those red heels.
You had these tribal earrings on
The ones I had worn to the prom. 

I had noticed they were missing since the day you were gone,
and assumed that you had taken them along. 
I guess i was right. 

Just as I was going to say hey
You grabbed me, hugged me and started to sway.

We stood there - crying
My friends still astounded. 

Thinking you were a ghost, they poked you, 
While I hugged you and choked you. 

I couldn't breathe, and neither could you. 
Was it the thinning atmosphere 
Or my feelings for you? 

Because you were literally my long lost sister!

- Ragini Zutshi Anand